The Communication Portfolio focuses on facilitating effective interaction between the leadership and the congregation, as well as to make as many resources as possible available to the congregation. Beyond the standard adminstrative procedures and communication channels we have two main thrusts:

The Library and Resource Table

Outside the Sanctuary, each Sunday, one will find a gazebo where all of our resources are centred. Here one is able to order, loan or buy recordings of previous sermons; drop off feedback forms and loan library books. The MPC library not only houses over 1000 books but is also continuously updating their stock with new publications. Janet Richardson oversees the library ministry to the congregation.

Click on this link to download the latest list of our library books: Library Index (371 KB)

The Link Newsletter

The primary vehicle for communication in the congregation is our Link Newsletter. This publication seeks to both keep the congregation informed about the events that have and are taking place but also to offer them substantial information that will assist in nurturing their walk with Christ.

The link editorial team is headed up by Keryn Judelsohn and articles may be forwarded to Keryn on