Betlehem is a ministry started purely in response to a need witnessed by Mr Arnold Crause in the Zandfontein area of Pretoria. In response to a sense of the Holy Spirit's calling and the dire straits of many members of his local community, Arnold has embarked on the following initiatives:

  • Established housing on a plot of land where previously destitute participants are accommodated and required to work on agricultural developments three hours a day.
  • The hydroponics project on this plot yields huge crops that are sold to local facilities in order to raise income.
  • Numerous Soup Kitchens are provided for the community from different localities.
  • At the Soup Kitchens food parcels are distributed to the needy.
  • Services of Worship are held in a chapel on Arnold's property.
  • Arnold is currently erecting a shelter to house homeless folk under strict conditions.
  • Camps are held to foster Spiritual nurturing of these folk

Currently members of our Outreach Committee are focusing on establishing the formal structures of this ministry while members of the congregation are backing it up with ad hoc financial and practical support.

Duncan Chalmers, one of our members is currently our primary contact person and he may be made contact with at . You may access their website directly: