Our vision is to be a Young People's Ministry overflowing with the Joy of Christ; we seek to encourage our young people to live in a daily relationship with Jesus, to guide them, through bible-based teaching and Spirit-filled worship and fellowship, into the understanding and acceptance of Christ's Love, Forgiveness and Saving Grace and to encourage the development of Christ-centred families in a safe, secure and fun-filled environment.


The YPM is divided into 3 Ministries:

KidsChurch (Ages 0-12) which includes Juniors' 4 Jesus (Fridays 7pm-8:30pm)  & BabyChurch & KidsChurch (Sundays at 8am & 9:30am)

TeenChurch (Ages 13 - 18) which includes TeenZone (Fridays 7pm - 9pm) & SundayTeens (8am & 9:30am)

Young Adults (Ages 19-30) 


Keryn Judelsohn heads up the KidsChurch and Nicola Dickason the TeenChurch & Young Adults.  The YPM WorkGroup has oversight of the ministry and is made up of Nicola Dickason, Keryn Judelsohn, Deon Louw, Anne Morgan, John Roxburgh & Christine Roxburgh


The BabyChurch for children aged 0-3 meet in one of the back classrooms in the Church Hall.  At each service two experienced volunteers are available to care for these children while Moms and Dads enjoy Sunday Worship in the Church.  Moms and Dads of very young babies are welcome to make use of the Baby Room up at the Church building.  


KidsChurch (Ages 4-12) takes place in the Church Hall.  All the lessons are Bible-Based, FUN and relevant and the children are encouraged to live out what they have learnt at KidsChurchin their daily lives.  There are 3 age groups in this section, 4 - 6, 7 - 9 and 10 - 12.  At the start of each service all the children meet together for Large Group Time.  During this time there is corporate worship and teaching.  The age groups then divide for Small Group Time where the days' lesson is re-inforced.


All TEEN Ministries take place in the Youth Room in Ministry House.  


The Young Adults meet together regularly to study and learn more about the faith and they enjoy warm fellowship with many social outings.