Affirming the importance and power of prayer in the life of any Christian community, Midchurch encourages every member to practice both personal and community prayer.  Below are a few ways you can experience prayer at Midchurch:


Prayer Requests

Prayer Chain

The Boiler Room

Midchurch Prayer Circle Sunday Morning Prayer Cross

If you would like to request prayer for yourself or anyone else, simply email:  Your prayer requests will be considered strictly confidential.

We have a dedicated group of people who pray every day for a host of needs in the life of the congregation and community.  Contact Ministry House if you would like to become part of these prayer warriors.

Twice a year for a period of 7 days the Upper Room in Ministry House is transformed into our Boiler Prayer Room.  Members are invited to spend at least 1 hour at a time in the room in intimate and focused prayer with God.  Various themes are presented in 6 stations which assists in the prayer time.

We have a committed group of intercessors who pray for pressing matters in the life of our country.  Once a week a topical prayer request is communicated to the group via whatsapp and they are invited to come before the Lord in prayer.

If you attend worship in-person, you are welcome to place your prayer request on the Prayer Cross in the tea area.  The Prayer Chain will then pray for you.

All prayers will reamin confidential.