As children of God we are under very specific instruction with regards to our attitude to the world and all that is in it; we read at the end of Genesis 1 and in Genesis 2 of God's command to Adam and Eve in terms of Creation:

  • to subdue it,
  • to rule over it,
  • to work it, and
  • to take care of it.


Over and above this, the parable of the talents in Matthew 25 challenges us to be careful in developing the talents and gifts that God has blessed us with.

And so it is in this vein that our Finance and Property Committee exercise care over our financial and physical resources in the following ways:

  • exercising accountability of our finances and expenditure,
  • monitoring the condition of our property and buildings,
  • budgetting and planning for our future,
  • supporting and monitoring staff, and
  • backing and overseeing sdministrative functions and appointments.


The Finance and Property group is chaired by Derick van Zyl and is also composed of Colin Gauld, John Kerr, Martin Hekman, Silma Koekemoer and Robin Twaddle.